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Precision Filters for Aerospace and Marine Applications

What do the F-22, F-18, F-117, Nuclear Submarines, and an Aircraft Carrier Launch Catapult have in common? They are all equipped with precision filtration devices engineered by Fluid Conditioning Products.

FCP provides a wide variety of filtration products for air, hydraulic fluid, oil, lubricant, fuel, water, and steam filtration applications. We specialize in precision filtration products designed to meet rigorous temperature, chemical, and pressure specifications. So whether your project demands an aircraft filter, coalescing filter, hydraulic filters, or other filter elements, we've got you covered!

We have over 60 years of experience designing and fabricating filters for some of the world's most demanding applications.

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Who We Serve

Fluid Conditioning Products is a recognized industry leader in the specialty engineered filtration business for our high-quality filtration products and commitment to excellence. We believe in consistently satisfying customers with the most demanding filtration requirements in the aerospace, marine, and defense industries.

You can find our filtration products used in military jet aircraft, helicopters, other aerospace applications, nuclear submarines, naval surface ships, military land vehicles, and test and maintenance facilities.

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Services We Offer

As filter manufacturers, we at Fluid Conditioning Products offer a variety of professional services to meet any of your needs for high-quality filtration products. If you don't see a service listed, reach out to us to discuss the requirements of your next filtration project.

Custom Engineering

Fluid Conditioning Products specializes in custom-engineered solutions for high-performance filtration applications. Our skilled engineering team works with each customer to develop custom solutions for their projects.

One of our most recent projects came to us from the U.S. Marine Corps, and it showcases our design abilities and solution implementation. We custom manufacture and engineer fuel strainers and filters for many military, naval, and aerospace vehicle applications.

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Fluid Conditioning Products has over 36 years of experience in the art and science of brazing. We manufacture fuel strainers and filters for the aircraft and marine industries using both induction brazing and torch brazing processes.

FCP's brazing operation is highly regarded throughout the aircraft and marine industries. Customers who rely on our brazing capabilities include General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Hawker Beechcraft, U.S. Dept. of Defense, General Dynamics, and U.S. Gauge.

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Laser Cutting Service

Do you need laser cutting services? FCP's 900-Watt Coherent Everlase CNC Cutting Laser cuts through carbon steel and stainless steel up to ΒΌ inch thick. We can cut through most metals as well as paper, wood, rubber, plastics, and even stone.

If you need a low quantity order or are working on a prototype, we can handle that alongside production orders into the thousands. We provide firm quotations upfront and always offer reliable service with excellent repeatability.

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Pleated Filters

Fluid Conditioning Products has been pleating filter media for many years, and typical materials include paper, metal wire mesh, synthetic fiber, and stranded glass. One current application for pleated filter media is air filters for helicopter engines used in both military and civilian aircraft.

FCP utilizes the latest high performance, CNC-controlled machines for pleating. These machines can consistently create the same pleat every time for every production run. Our proprietary "reefing" process was developed and built in-house to produce higher density pleats than possible using pleating alone.

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Welding Services

With over 36 years of welding experience, Fluid Conditioning Products is qualified to perform "Sub Safe Level 1" welding for the submarine industry. This is the most demanding standard that the welding industry can attain. For solid metal parts, FCP primarily uses TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding.

We also perform spot welding, capacitive discharge welding, and underwater resistance welding. Whether you need a seam, a spot, or a miniature tack weld, we have the process technology to meet your needs.

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Our Products

Fluid Conditioning Products provides a wide variety of filters for air, hydraulic fluid, oil, lubricant, fuel, water, and steam filtration applications, including aerospace filters. We have the experience and the technology to produce a superior aircraft filter, coalescing filter, or filter element for your specialty application.

Our product line includes strainers and baskets, sintered metal filters, filter elements, custom filter housings, and differential pressure indicators.

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Why Choose Fluid Conditioning Products?

Here at Fluid Conditioning Products, you will always be able to reach someone about your project, because we believe in excellent customer service and handcrafting precision filters. As an experienced filter manufacturer, we are serious about quality because we know that our products are used in industries with the most demanding filtration requirements.

FCP has produced over 1,500 different filter designs that are fully qualified or field-tested. We utilize a skilled team of craftsmen and problem solvers who are ready with the technical skills and experience to meet your most challenging filtration needs.

FCP is committed to quality and has well-established Quality Assurance policies and processes, a fully compliant QA Manual, and continuity in the management of the QA function. Because of our commitment to quality, we maintain the certifications and approvals needed to support our customers.

Learn more about the certifications and qualifications that FCP maintains, including the AS9100 certification and NADCAP accreditation.

We are proud to support our troops