A person brazing two metals together with blue light emitting from the work.

The Pros and Cons of Using Epoxy, Brazing, and Welding in Filter Construction and Design

In the realm of filter construction and design, manufacturers like you in the aerospace, marine, and defense industries can be perplexed when selecting joining methods such as epoxy bonding, brazing, and welding. The decision-making process in determining the most suitable…

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A helicopter turbojet engine’s hydraulic system

Hydraulic System Filters: A Brief Guide on Their Use and Importance

Hydraulic systems in airplanes, helicopters, submarines, and other machinery are full of intricate regulators, actuators, valves, and pumps. However, a hydraulic system cannot operate correctly if the hydraulic system filter fails to adequately remove the contaminants before it gets to…

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An airplane’s engine during maintenance.

What Is an Oil Filter Bypass Valve, and Why Is It Important?

When you operate machinery, you need dependable, all-metal filters that can remove contaminants and prevent long-term damage to your fluid system. One key component of a high-quality oil filter is a bypass valve. An oil filter’s bypass valve helps avoid…

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A close-up of a pleated sintered metal fiber filter.

Why Should You Pick Highly Efficient Sintered Metal Fiber for Your Filter?

If you’re frustrated because your fiberglass or woven wire filters are underperforming and causing an increase in mechanical breakdowns, then it’s time to put an end to your irritation. Make the switch to all-metal filters from Fluid Conditioning Products! We…

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A close-up of a metal perforated strainer.

What Makes a Perforated Strainer Different than a Filter? Do I Need Both?

Much like you use a strainer in your kitchen to drain water from noodles or a filter to keep coffee grounds out of your morning cup of joe, both strainers and filters have their place in water, hydraulic, and oil…

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An armed military fighter jet takes flight into the sky with the sun in the background.

What Can You Expect in the Aerospace and Defense Industry in 2022?

As 2021 winds down and we all begin anew in 2022, those in aerospace and defense industries need to know what’s currently happening and where we’re headed. Whether you are a supplier, worker, or consumer of companies in the aerospace…

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A fuel gas filter in an industrial environment.

What Do You Absolutely Need to Know About Coalescing Filters?

While there are many reasons that your compressed air system is not operating at its best, one consideration you should investigate is the filtration efficiency of your coalescing filters. Suppose these types of filters allow tiny water droplets into the…

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Two metal mesh filters lying next to each other on a white background

Why Metal Mesh Filters Perform Better than Fiberglass

When it comes to hydraulics in the aerospace industry, it’s critical to ensure your filtration system works at its best by using metal mesh filters. But suppose you’re currently using fiberglass or paper filters for your hydraulics system. In that…

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Welder performing braze welding on wire mesh

What Are Brazing and Welding, and How Do They Work?

Precision, all-metal filtration requires the use of precision tools and techniques. At Fluid Conditioning Products (FCP), our goal is simple: to design, engineer, and manufacture precision all-metal filtration that delivers the high performance that our customers require. Induction and torch…

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Defense and Aerospace Industry Trends: Looking Ahead to 2021

Around this time last year, we took a look at aerospace and defense industry trends for 2020 as these sectors were in the process of rebounding from some difficult years. Defense spending had been roaring back—and even commercial aerospace, which…

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