A fuel gas filter in an industrial environment.

What Do You Absolutely Need to Know About Coalescing Filters?

While there are many reasons that your compressed air system is not operating at its best, one consideration you should investigate is the filtration efficiency of your coalescing filters. Suppose these types of filters allow tiny water droplets into the…

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Two metal mesh filters lying next to each other on a white background

Why Metal Mesh Filters Perform Better than Fiberglass

When it comes to hydraulics in the aerospace industry, it’s critical to ensure your filtration system works at its best by using metal mesh filters. But suppose you’re currently using fiberglass or paper filters for your hydraulics system. In that…

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Welder performing braze welding on wire mesh

What Are Brazing and Welding, and How Do They Work?

Precision, all-metal filtration requires the use of precision tools and techniques. At Fluid Conditioning Products (FCP), our goal is simple: to design, engineer, and manufacture precision all-metal filtration that delivers the high performance that our customers require. Induction and torch…

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Defense and Aerospace Industry Trends: Looking Ahead to 2021

Around this time last year, we took a look at aerospace and defense industry trends for 2020 as these sectors were in the process of rebounding from some difficult years. Defense spending had been roaring back—and even commercial aerospace, which…

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Are You Getting the Filtration Performance Your Equipment Needs?

The title question for today’s blog post is a simple one—with an answer that may also seem simple at first. Of course you’re getting the filtration performance you need and expect! Your equipment is operational, and you are not experiencing…

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metal filter

What is Filter Efficiency, and Why Does It Matter in Metal Filters?

In our most recent blog post, we discussed the latest research that proves all-metal filters outperform fiberglass in aviation applications based on demanding real-life testing. One of the key ways that all-metal wire mesh and sintered metal filters surpass legacy…

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Fiberglass vs. All-Metal Filters – What the Research Shows

New research presented recently to the American Filtration and Separations Society (AFS) provided some exciting new insight into just how effective metal filter media are compared to standard fiberglass filters when it comes to aircraft hydraulic filtration. Woven metal mesh…

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Here’s What We’re Looking to in the Future of the Naval Industry

Quickly changing attitudes and technological capabilities have changed the future of the naval industry. According to the U.S. Naval Institute, the future of modern warfare, national security, and the technological advances of our adversaries continue to push the U.S. Navy…

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Working with Disabled Veterans

Happy Veterans Day! Fluid Conditioning Products is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), and we are proud to support our troops, veterans, and disabled veterans. At FCP, we take our commitment to the troops seriously, and our owner and service-disabled…

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Aerospace and Defense Industry Trends

The technically demanding aerospace and defense industries that we serve here at Fluid Conditioning Products (FCP) are often faced with complex challenges that can limit their overall strength and growth. In fact, reviewing any reliable industry research reporting in 2019…

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