What Do You Absolutely Need to Know About Coalescing Filters?

A fuel gas filter in an industrial environment.

While there are many reasons that your compressed air system is not operating at its best, one consideration you should investigate is the filtration efficiency of your coalescing filters. Suppose these types of filters allow tiny water droplets into the system downstream. In that case, your compressed air system could be eroding, leading to mechanical malfunction, excessive wear rates, and seizure of the system.

Here at Fluid Conditioning Products, we take quality filtration seriously. We know the enormous effects proper filters have on all types of mechanical equipment, from fighter jets in the U.S. military to helicopters and nuclear submarines. For over 70 years, we have been a top filter manufacturer for the aerospace, marine, and defense industries. Our all-metal housing for coalescing filters is the best on the market for extreme environments.

What Are Coalescing Filters?

Coalescing filters are a device used to separate phases of matter into individual particulate components at comparable efficiencies. They purify the air and natural gas. Some of the common separations coalescing filtration systems perform include:

  • Oil and water from the air
  • Water from gas
  • Gas from oil
  • Fuel from gas

The Differences Between Coalescing Filters and Particulate Filters

While coalescing filters separate different phases of matter into their individual states, particulate filters separate solid particles from gas or liquid. The solid contaminants removed from the system allow the hydraulic or oil system to perform better and last longer, especially when using FCP’s all-metal filters. Coalescing filters work similarly, but instead of particulate contaminates, they remove oil and water droplets from the air stream.

How Does a Coalescing Filter Work?

When a stream of fluid to be separated enters the filter housing, it causes minuscule droplets of liquid aerosols to come together—or coalesce— into larger droplets to be drained away by gravity. The droplets become trapped in the filter media, commonly made from borosilicate, cellulose, or glass fibers. They then fall to the bottom of the housing and drain away from the system.

Applications for Coalescing Filtration

Most commonly, you’ll find coalescing filters in compressed air systems, where it separates oil from the compressor and moisture or condensation from the air before it is used. Restaurants can also use coalescing filters to filter out cooking oil and smoke from the air, making the air much easier to breathe in busy kitchens.

It’s also used in natural gas pipelines to capture moisture and even dirt in the gas stream. It refines the natural gas by removing impurities, like other natural liquids and condensate. It helps remove water vapor and sulfur from compressors, turbines, and other components to help keep the machinery running as it should.

FCP Creates the Best Filter Housing for Extreme Environments

When your filters aren’t performing up to par, your equipment suffers. And in extreme situations where efficient operation of equipment is necessary for successful missions and the safety of those using it, you need the best high-quality filter housing on the market from FCP. We specialize in the design and manufacture of the all-metal filter housing that holds the coalescing filter media, so they can:

  • Withstand extreme temperature ranges
  • Resist corrosive fluids
  • Remain solid and reliable for efficient operations

We add unique coalescing filter elements, like a built-in drain and an easy-to-change filter medium, for added value to our highly specialized clients. We can design custom, all-metal filter housing that doesn’t lose efficiency in extreme temperatures, high pressure or pressure drops, large flow capacity, and other challenging environments.

When You Need Coalescing Filters that Work Best, Contact FCP!

There’s a reason the U.S. military depends on FCP for their filtration needs—they work. Our engineers can help you select the most cost-effective all-metal housing for your filters that meet your application’s demands, just like they did for nuclear submarines. If you’re tired of your equipment malfunctioning and causing costly repairs due to a poor filtration system, get a quote from the experts at FCP for a high-quality filter that works best for you!

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