Why Metal Mesh Filters Perform Better than Fiberglass

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When it comes to hydraulics in the aerospace industry, it’s critical to ensure your filtration system works at its best by using metal mesh filters. But suppose you’re currently using fiberglass or paper filters for your hydraulics system. In that case, you could be causing particle contamination in the hydraulics system, leading to increased maintenance costs and more frequent failure rates.

For these reasons and more, Fluid Conditioning Products manufactures, tests, and produces the best metal mesh filters on the market. These hydraulic filters reduce contamination, won’t degrade over time, and can handle extreme temperature ranges. Plus, if you’re looking for a solution beyond stock parts, FCP can help create custom-engineered hydraulic filters and housing. Just contact us to learn more and request a quote!

The Problems with Fiberglass Hydraulic Filters

Fiberglass filters in the hydraulics system of an aerospace machine cause issues in the system. When the engine starts, it causes the filter to shake. This shaking releases glass particles into the hydraulics system. These glass particles contaminate the system downstream, damaging seals and pumps. It costs you more money to repair the system, both in the product replacement and the hours it takes to fix it.

Not only do fiberglass filters lead to increased maintenance costs and hours, but they also increased failure rates and excessive wear and tear. Your equipment won’t operate at its best, which means your critical missions won’t either. Switching to all-metal filters, like the hydraulic filters manufactured by FCP, can help reduce these costs and improve performance.

Why Paper Filters Aren’t the Answer

While perhaps paper filters won’t cause the same particle contamination in the system as fiberglass filters, they can leak unwanted chemicals into your hydraulics system. If the paper is treated with bleach or other chemicals, the oil will mix with those chemicals and contaminate the rest of your system. This contamination doesn’t necessarily happen in the aerospace industry alone. The marine industry, where efficient operation of the ship depends on the prevention of impurities from entering the system, is also reliant on filtered, clean oil.

The Solution is Metal Mesh Filters

All-metal filters provide the solution your equipment needs. They reduce contamination in the hydraulics system by as much as 95 percent and decrease failure rates across the board. The research shows that all-metal mesh filters save about $4 million for every 100 hours of flight time. The savings come from having to replace fewer hydraulic pumps and primary servo components.

Our metal mesh filters provide excellent filter efficiency for a more extended time than fiberglass filters or paper filters. It has no binders in the filter with metal-to-metal contact points, making metal mesh filters solid and reliable. They won’t shed particles like fiberglass filters, keeping your hydraulic system free of filter contaminants.

Filtration Solutions for the Aerospace, Marine, and Defense Industries

FCP is a leader in the manufacturing of specialty filtration products with our all-metal mesh filters. All-metal filters are cleanable, reusable, and can withstand extreme temperature ranges. It’s no wonder they are used in military jet aircraft, helicopters, nuclear submarines, naval surface ships, and more. We use stainless steel in our filters, but they’re also available in bronze and various alloys.

Plus, as an AS9100-certified company, you know that FCP produces high-quality, reliable products that follow strict adherence to our quality assurance program. We follow a quality manual for all the filters we make, and our experienced team uses the best manufacturing equipment to provide reliable, consistent filters every time.

Request a Quote for Your All-Metal Filter Today

If you’re tired of having excess maintenance costs because your fiberglass or paper filters aren’t measuring up, it’s time to contact Fluid Conditioning Products.  We can help you switch to metal filters and even provide you with a custom filter for your specific needs.

With well-maintained equipment that uses all-metal filters, you can focus on getting your job done correctly and safely. Metal mesh filters will save you time, money, and aggravation, so get started on the transition today. Request a quote from FCP, where you know you’ll receive the highest quality filters available!

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