Brazing Services

Fluid Conditioning Products' mission is to provide our customers with custom-engineered solutions for high performance filtration applications. We achieve this mission by meeting rigorous specifications and challenging filtration performance standards. Because of our certified processing capabilities some of our customers ask FCP to perform Special Process sub-contract work, for example Brazing, to support their own manufacturing operations.

FCP has over 36 years of experience in the art / science of brazing. We manufacture many fuel strainers and filters for jet engines using both Induction Brazing and Torch Brazing processes.

Brazing is used in applications where a strong, high temperature bond is needed, but the heat from welding would likely cause unwanted side effects to the metals being joined. Brazed joints can withstand exposure to a wide range of temperatures, depending on the brazing alloy used, and are frequently stronger than the metal parts that they join. Also, brazing can be used to attach dissimilar metals, for example stainless steel to brass or bronze.

The brazing process involves heating the metal parts to be joined to a specific temperature and then flowing the braze material (usually silver-based) into the area to create the bond. FCP holds certification by NADCAP for both induction brazing and torch brazing.

FCP's brazing operation is highly regarded throughout the aircraft and marine industries. Customers who rely on our brazing capabilities include General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Hawker Beechcraft, U.S. Dept. of Defense, General Dynamics, and U.S. Gauge.

Brazing process
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