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FCP specializes in custom engineered solutions for high performance filtration applications. Our engineering team works with each customer to develop custom solutions for each individual project. Our most recent project came to us from the U.S. Marine Corps and showcases our design abilities and solution implementation.

FCP Supplies Marines with "Ship-to-Shore" Fuel Strainer Assembly

The Challenge

The US Marine Corps needed a fuel-line strainer for loading fuel into tanker trucks in the theater of operations. This strainer system is carried by the tanker ship, unloaded and dragged to the shore by the ship's crew and hooked up to the line transferring fuel from the ship to tanker tracks or temporary coastal storage facilities.

Corrosion in fuel storage tanks is a major concern during sea transport… along with the danger of other contamination while opening and closing storage tank lids.

Requirements the Marines specified for this application included:

  • Excellent stability and rollover protection
  • Electrical Grounding to prevent spark while fuel is present
  • Balanced and lightweight for easy lifting
  • All ends of the piping capped to prevent foreign debris from entering the system
  • The entire system must be serviceable using standard wrenches and no specialized tools
  • The system must withstand being dragged over almost any terrain or surface
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Based on the U.S. Marine Corps' specifications, FCP designed this strainer with a 40 mesh (equivalent to 400 micron) wire cloth inside a reinforcing basket which captures particles that could foul the fuel or damage pumping equipment. This assembly provides two paths for the fuel, allowing pumping to continue non-stop. One side of the strainer can be closed by valves while replacing or servicing the strainer basket, while the other side continues to flow fuel at 600 gallons per minute. The strainer basket can be easily cleaned by rinsing or tapping out debris. FCP also designed a clamping system using a single nut to allow speedy access to the strainer basket, minimizing the amount of time either side of the system remains closed to flow. Two spare strainer baskets are included with the system in a weatherproof box integrated into the unit. FCP selected aluminum for the frame to reduce weight, and steel for the filter to provide durability. The assembly is lightweight and balanced with lifting hardware integrated into the frame for easy portability. FCP permanently attached dust caps at all open ends with ball chains to prevent them from being separated from the strainer. Finally, the unit underwent government required testing of its portability by physically dragging the unit 400 feet over rough terrain.

Other Applications

FCP has custom-engineered or manufactured fuel strainers and filters for many other vehicle applications including:

  • M1 Battle Tank
  • C-130 Hercules Aircraft
  • Space Shuttle Liquid Nitrogen Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel Filter for Submarine APU
  • Mk-48 ADCAP Torpedo
  • MQM-107 Subsonic Target Drone
  • SAM & Air-to-Air Missile Fuel

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