Custom Filter Housings

As part of its full range of services, Fluid Conditioning Products builds a myriad of housings and specialized enclosures to meet the needs and specifications of our customers.

For example, filtration systems requiring reverse flow prevention are designed with the proper check valve to meet those conditions. For other systems that require a fail-safe to keep fluid flowing, we include a by-pass valve which will allow the system to function even after the filter becomes completely clogged.

These valves can work in concert with six basic types of housings that can be adapted for almost any usage:

  • Inline
  • T-type
  • Y-type
  • L-type
  • Flange
  • Stack Type

Engineers at FCP can help you select the most cost-effective housing that meets the demands of your application.

Custom Filter Housings

We specialize in custom-designed and fabricated assemblies for aerospace and marine applications. Let us help you to create a design based on your needs, or to facilitate the custom manufacture of products based on your specifications or drawings.

Need a custom filter housing?

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