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Maximize Efficiency and Lifespan with Hydraulic Fluid Filters and Filter Housings

It doesn’t take much for severe damage to occur and cause significant headaches and unwanted expenses due to insufficient filtration. Your hydraulic power unit’s filtration system is key to keeping your equipment functioning efficiently. A well-designed hydraulic fluid filter or housing by Fluid Conditioning Products will help to extend the longevity of your hydraulic system’s life. And with FCP, you know you’re getting top quality and reliable performance.

Discover the power of all-metal hydraulic system filters and how they can revolutionize your operations. Metal hydraulic filter housings and filters can reduce contaminants by up to 95%, ensuring cleaner hydraulic fluid and improved system performance.

Don’t let inadequate hydraulic filtration systems continue to hinder your success. Take action today by requesting a quote for our high-quality hydraulic fluid filter. Get the right filter that enhances the performance and longevity of your hydraulic system, providing peace of mind and optimal productivity.

Advantages of Systems Using Hydraulic Filter Housings and Fluid Filters

Hydraulic system filters play a crucial role in maintaining optimal performance and extending the lifespan of your hydraulic systems. The use of hydraulic filter housings and fluid filters offers numerous advantages that every manufacturer should consider.

Hydraulic fluid being pumped through a filter.

Extend Machine Lifespan

First, directly tied to keeping your machines functioning longer, is filtered, clean oil. Proper filtration removes contaminants such as dirt, particles, and debris that can cause wear and tear on system components. By investing in a hydraulic filtration system, you can increase your hydraulic component’s lifespan and ensure that only clean fluid circulates through the system.

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Improve System Efficiency

An additional benefit is overall efficiency and productivity. With proper preventative maintenance processes in place, your hydraulic fluid filters will keep your systems functioning properly, leading to higher quality work and productivity. This properly filtered fluid keeps systems flowing smoothly for optimal performance. This results in more reliable machinery operation.

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Reduced Maintenance

Reduced maintenance is yet another benefit of investing in high-quality hydraulic system filters. When your systems operate with clean and filtered fluid, there is less strain on the components, leading to fewer breakdowns and maintenance needs. This efficiency translates into cost savings and increased uptime for your machines’ operations, improving productivity and saving money.

Hydraulic Filter Industry Applications


From jets and helicopters to the aviation ground power units (AGPUs) that service aircraft, hydraulic filters are the key to increased operation, reliability, and safety. Engineers turn to FCP for our proven ability to manufacture hydraulic filtration units that meet exacting specifications.

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The aerospace industry presents unique challenges for hydraulic systems, including extreme temperatures and high-pressure environments. Our filters in hydraulic systems are specifically designed to withstand these conditions while ensuring reliable operation. With so many critical functions often powered by hydraulics in aircraft, it’s essential to make sure you’re using proven solutions. From primary flight controls and steering to landing gear and more—our hydraulic filter housings and filters keep you flying.

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Helicopters face specific requirements and challenges, such as frequent exposure to contaminants and debris during takeoff and landing. Due mainly to their high response rotor systems, most helicopter rotor loads are beyond a pilot’s handling capability, which is why hydraulic power is extensively used in helicopters to operate these critical flight controls. See the CH-47 “Chinook” Control System as an example of how FCP’s hydraulic filter removes impurities for reliable operations.

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Military Jets


In defense applications, where reliability and performance are paramount, hydraulic systems play a critical role. Our hydraulic fluid filters meet stringent defense industry standards and regulations, offering improved system responsiveness, enhanced safety, and extended operational life. By partnering with us, military jet manufacturers can ensure the highest level of performance and reliability in their hydraulic systems, no matter the application or mission.

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Specialized Solutions


Marine environments place hydraulic systems under immense stress, including exposure to saltwater, corrosion, and debris. Our hydraulic fluid filters protect marine equipment from these environmental factors. If you are looking for a solution beyond just using stock parts, FCP can help. Custom-engineered hydraulic fluid filters and housings may be the solution you’re looking for to maximize the performance and efficiency of your hydraulic-powered equipment conditions and maintain system efficiency.

Looking for Hydraulic Filters for Your Specific Needs?

By understanding the specific needs and challenges of different industries, Fluid Conditioning Products have developed high-quality filters in hydraulic systems tailored to deliver exceptional performance, reliability, and longevity. Are you looking for hydraulic filters for your specific application? Request a quote today, and let us customize a solution that meets your unique requirements.

Why Partner with Us for Your Hydraulic Filtration Systems?

At Fluid Conditioning Products, we have established ourselves as a leader in industrial filtration, serving the aerospace, marine, and defense industries with excellence. Here’s why you should choose us for your hydraulic filtration systems:

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A Carefully Executed Production Process

Our hydraulic filters are produced through a meticulously executed production process. From design to manufacturing, we adhere to strict quality control measures, ensuring that each filter meets the highest industry standards. This proven process guarantees consistent performance and reliability in every filter we produce.

Quality Above All Else

Quality is at the core of everything we do. Our hydraulic filters are built to withstand the most demanding conditions and deliver exceptional filtration performance. We hold various certifications, demonstrating our commitment to quality, including AS9100 certification, which ensures that our filters meet stringent quality management standards.

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We Know What It’s Like to Serve

Fluid Conditioning Products is a service-disabled veteran-owned small business, and we take pride in serving our customers with the same dedication and integrity that marked our military service. We understand the importance of reliable equipment in critical operations, and we are passionate about providing the highest level of support and expertise to our customers.

Experience Precision Filtration with a Metal Hydraulic Fluid Filter

With our hydraulic fluid filters, you’ll experience the benefits of cleaner hydraulic fluid, improved system efficiency, and enhanced reliability. We tailor our filters to meet the unique needs of various industries, including aerospace, helicopters, military jets, and specialized marine equipment. Our filters are designed to withstand the harshest conditions, ensuring that your hydraulic systems perform flawlessly.

At Fluid Conditioning Products, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, our carefully executed production process, and our status as a veteran-owned company. We understand the importance of reliable equipment and are dedicated to providing exceptional support and expertise to our valued customers.

So, don’t let inadequate hydraulic system filtration hinder your success any longer. Take action today by requesting a quote for our top-of-the-line hydraulic fluid filters. Let us customize a solution that will optimize the performance of your hydraulic systems, protect your valuable equipment, and save you money in the long run.

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