Filtration Solutions for Industries

Filtration Solutions For Aerospace, Marine, And Defense

As a recognized leader in the specialty engineered filtration business, Fluid Conditioning Products consistently satisfies customers with the most demanding filtration requirements in the aerospace, marine, and defense industries.

The Customers We Serve Include:

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Example FCP Product Applications:

FCP filters are used in Military Jet Aircraft, Helicopters, other Aerospace applications, Nuclear Submarines, Naval Surface Ships, Military Land Vehicles, and Test & Maintenance Facilities. Some example applications are given in the table below.

Military Jet AircraftAir Intake Screens F-4A FighterHigh Temp. in F-8 & F-104. High Pressure Filters for P&W, GE EnginesF-16 Lube Oil

Gearboxes for P&W and GE Engines
In-line Fuel Filters (GE). C-130 Hercules (Lockheed)
Oil Screens for GE J56 Engine
HelicoptersOH-58D “Kiowa Warrior” Air Intake Barrier Filters (Screens)CH-47 “Chinook” Control SystemUH-60 “Blackhawk” Gearbox Lube Oil
Other Aerospace
Thrust Reverser Filter for 707 & 727. Air Intake for PT6 Engine
P&W PT6 Series Engines. AIM-9L Sidewinder Missile SupportLTC-4B Engine Oil ScreenSpace Shuttle Liquid Nitrogen Fuel. SAM & Air-to-Air Missile FuelOil Trap for Boeing 777Sentry/AWACS (E-3) Air Force One
Nuclear SubmarinesNuclear Plant Air Filter. Coalescer FilterLube Oil FilterDiesel Fuel Filter for APU. MK48 ADCAP TorpedoIn-line “Y” Strainers (with Basket)Battery Electrolyte Agitator Blower Outlet Filter
Naval Surface Ships
Diver’s Air Supply Filter. DDG51 Destroyer/Shipboard SCBA
Prop. Hydraulic System on Class DD963 DestroyersGearbox on Class DD963 Destroyers. Oil Strainers on FFG-7 FrigatesShip to shore Fuel StrainerStrainers

Coolant for Aircraft Carrier Launch Catapult
Shipboard Oxygen Generator (Treadwell)
Military Land VehiclesM109A6 Mobile HowitzerOil Fill Strainer for M2 Bradley F.V.M1 Battle Tank
Test & Maintenance FacilitiesWind Tunnel Air FilterFCP Aircraft Bearing Parts Cleaning SystemMQM-107 Subsonic Target Drone

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