Laser Cutting Services

Fluid Conditioning Products' mission is to provide our customers with custom-engineered solutions for high performance filtration applications. We achieve this mission by meeting rigorous specifications and challenging filtration performance standards. Because of our certified processing capabilities some of our customers ask FCP to perform Special Process sub-contract work, for example Laser Cutting, to support their own manufacturing operations.

Do you need laser cutting services? FCP's 900 Watt Coherent Everlase CNC Cutting Laser cuts through carbon steel and stainless steel up to ΒΌ inch thick. We can cut through most metals as well as paper, wood, rubber, plastics and even stone.

We can handle sheet product up to 5 feet by 8 feet at feed rates as fast as 200 inches per minute. We can also cut parts as small as 1/8th inch. Accuracy of .002" is available for thinner materials; .010" for thicker sheet steel.

Our Cutting Laser Operator can custom program any two-dimensional design to meet your needs. (You can work directly with our Operator to achieve the exact results that you require!) Programming can usually be completed in a couple of days and finished parts are typically delivered in 2-3 weeks. We can nest the layout of your parts in a way that minimizes material waste to keep your material costs to a minimum.

FCP is able to handle low quantity lots and prototype work as well as production orders into the thousands. We provide firm quotations up front and reliable service with excellent repeatability.

Laser Cutting process
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