Our Filter Manufacturing Process


Please read on to learn more about our process at Fluid Conditioning Products, Inc., and how we do what we do, which is to solve our customers’ need for a reliable filter supplier.

1. Planning & Development

Initial Planning Stage

After we receive product plans and quality specifications from the customer, we draw up a proposal to lay out the manufacturing method and overall project schedule. Then we can determine a rough cost estimate.

Product Development Phase

After establishing the project’s feasibility, we determine the product specifications in more detail and engineering creates production drawings, and develops the manufacturing of any specialized fixtures that will be required. We then select and obtain the necessary processing machinery and tools, etc.

2. Prototyping

Prototype Production & Evaluation Cycle

The next phase in the manufacturing process is prototyping. We produce prototypes based on plans and specs we receive from the customer and manufacturing plans that our engineers determined in the product development phase. We then present the initial prototype to the customer and work with them to decide whether it meets their required specifications.

We repeat this process cycle of product development, prototype production, and prototype evaluation until the prototype reaches the necessary quality standard.

3. Production

Manufacturing & Finished Assembly

Manufacturing begins when all the preparations are complete. Our engineers are continually trying to improve their work and often make modifications and improvements at this stage to the manufacturing line. The whole team actively cooperates to produce high-quality products as efficiently as possible.

Inspection, Shipment, and Delivery

We perform quality assurance, thoroughly inspecting completed goods by hand to ensure no defects or flaws. A high standard of quality is of the utmost importance to us, and we only deliver those goods that pass inspection to the customer, packed carefully to prevent contamination or damage.

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