Differential Pressure Indicators

Indicators that alert users when filters should be changed or cleaned play an important safety role in filter applications. Fluid Conditioning Products manufactures mechanical indicators which include options such as thermal lockout or anti-reset mechanisms.

We equip our filtration systems with the appropriate type of indicator to meet customer engineering specifications.

FCP indicators use a pop-up button that signals when a filter is clogged. More complex indicators may have an electrical switch that illuminates a light or triggers another response.

FCP has also developed an indicator sensitive to thermal lockout. These devices are used in differential pressure indicators to prevent false activation below a predetermined temperature. The objective is to avoid unwanted indication during periods of high fluid viscosity, such as experienced when starting aircraft and hydraulic systems in cold weather.

Differential Pressure Indicators

We continue to develop innovative ways to use indicators and ensure the proper functioning and safety of our filter units. Examples include indicators for low differential pressures or very small sizes.

Need to design a custom filtration system with differential pressure indicators?

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