Precision Filters Backed by AS9100 Certification

When you need precision-engineered filters that reduce contamination, cut maintenance times, and decrease failure rates, turn to the experts at Fluid Conditioning Products, Inc!

Fluid Conditioning Products is a Proud AS9100 Certified Company & NADCAP Approved Supplier

Our AS9100 Certification Benefits Both Our Customers and Our Company

An AS9100 certification ensures our customers get a quality, traceable product that will survive the most demanding conditions. As a result, you can unconditionally depend on our filters in your aerospace, marine, and defense applications.

Fluid Conditioning Products, Inc. (FCP) has well-established quality assurance (QA) policies and processes. We also have a fully compliant quality manual, and continuity in managing the QA function. Because of our commitment to quality, we maintain the certifications and approvals needed to support our customers.

The regulatory requirements needed to earn AS9100 certification allow FCP to deliver high-quality, reliable metal-mesh filters for some of the most demanding conditions. Our products meet the standards of military jet aircraft, helicopters, nuclear submarines, and Naval surface ships. See how we can fulfill your requirements too!

Answers to Your FAQs about AS9100 Certification

How Did We Become an AS9100 Certified Company?

To qualify among AS9100 certified companies, a business must undergo a strict certification audit. FCP first certified to the AS9100, Rev. B standard in 2004.

We recently upgraded our quality manual to meet the requirements of AS9100, Rev. D. Our internal audit and improved quality system completed the full range of certifications and approvals needed by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG).

These standards are necessary to serve our customers in the aerospacemarine, and defense industries. FCP remains in full compliance with the industry-specific requirements expected of all AS9100 certified companies. Our quality manual serves as a guide to ensure that we make all our precision filters to the exact specifications needed. This guide allows us to provide consistent, reliable filters for the most demanding industries. As an AS9100-certified company, you know our products and quality processes are of the highest standard.

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Why is AS9100 Certification Important?

Simply put – to meet the needs of our customers. Quality management system requirements must be documented and implemented by any designer, developer, or aerospace product manufacturer. By controlling our processes, we can ensure our precision filters meet the durability and dependability needed by our customers in the aerospace industry.

In addition, FCP believes in producing quality products above all else. Our AS9100 certification backs up our commitment to quality products. When your customers work in some of the most challenging industries, like aerospace, marine, and defense, providing the highest quality products and services to meet their industry-specific needs is critical.

How Does Your Certification Improve Filter Performance?

Our high standards mean that we test all of our metal-mesh filters and strainers before they leave our manufacturing facility. With experienced technicians handcrafting our superior filters, you get high-quality parts that work as expected. When we find pieces that do not meet our standards, we automatically reject and dispose of them, ensuring only our best work ends up in your filtration systems.

With high levels of customer satisfaction, you know you can depend on FCP. Just ask the U.S. Military! When our heroes depend on filtered, clean oil to help complete critical missions, they turn to the leader in all-metal filters at FCP. If we can meet the high standards demanded of all military suppliers, we can fulfill your high standards too.

Need Custom-Engineered Filtration Products?

FCP is a Proud NADCAP-Approved Supplier

A National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (NADCAP) approved supplier has met the program’s industry-standard audit requirements. This accreditation allows our customers to know our quality management system and manufacturing process produces dependable, high-quality precision filters in compliance with NADCAP guidelines.

FCP is a NADCAP-approved aerospace supplier for torch and induction brazing. An independent auditor approves suppliers to determine the strength of their unique quality systems. We are proud to have passed our most recent internal audit and meet the requirements of the NADCAP standards. Only the best of the aerospace supply chain companies achieves NADCAP accreditation.

When Quality and Dependability are Critical, Count on Fluid Conditioning Products, Inc.

FCP has produced over 1,500 different filter designs, fully qualified or field-tested, and are a part of our regular manufacturing schedule. Our core competency is limited quantity, highly engineered precision filters. Our wire mesh and stainless steel filters offer outstanding performance, leading to fewer maintenance costs for you and a decrease in failure rates.

Our team of craftsmen and problem solvers is ready with the technical skills and experience you need to meet your most challenging filtration needs. Our team holds years of experience and works with modern machinery while following the highest standards of quality to produce filtration products that meet your specific project requirements. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote.

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