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Sintered Metal Mesh Filters

Sintered Metal Filters

Sintered metal filters developed by Fluid Conditioning Products offer two advantages over comparable wire cloth filters. Sintered metal is rigid, which makes it self-supporting and able to be cast in almost any shape or configuration. Also, sintered metal can be less expensive than wire cloth in small size filters.

Varying filtration ratios through a sintered metal mesh filter are controlled by the construction of the media. These media are composed of tiny compressed spheres of bronze or stainless steel. Different filtering ratios are achieved by varying the diameter of the spheres to trap contaminants in its depth type construction.

These metal mesh filters hold less dirt than paper or stainless steel disposable filters, but can withstand higher temperatures than paper and are less expensive than either paper or stainless steel. An example is FCP's specially designed sintered bronze filtration system for hydraulic systems on the F-8 and F-104 aircraft.