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Industrial Basket Strainers

Fluid Conditioning Products produces a wide range of filters strainers and baskets

Fluid Conditioning Products produces a wide range of filters that use perforated metals or coarser wire mesh than used in wire cloth. These are called strainers.

Typically, strainers filter out particles that are 100 microns or larger. These particles can cause severe damage to pumps, valves and other major components. Industrial basket strainers can be constructed by FCP in virtually any size, shape or configuration. The important design parameters are generally flow, pressure drop and particle size. Since strainer specifications are less stringent than filter requirements, dirt-loading capacity is seldom a concern.

Specially designed air intake screens were manufactured by FCP for jet aircraft. The principal objective of this strainer was to keep birds and other large flying debris from entering the jet engine through the air intake.

In other applications, FCP has incorporated magnets in the industrial basket strainer to remove metallic particles. We have also created basket-type strainers as tall as six feet and as small as the inlet to a 1/8th inch fitting.

FCP works closely with customers to ensure that we meet the precise specifications required of their filtration unit, and that we deliver the final product in a cost efficient and timely manner.