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Wire Mesh Filter

Wire Mesh Filter

Wire cloth filters produced by Fluid Conditioning Products offer outstanding performance. Depending on the application, these cleanable filters can have an absolute micron rating that ranges upward from 5 microns.

Besides their ability to be cleaned, wire cloth filters can be welded, brazed or epoxied. The cloth can be woven from any material and can be pleated or non-pleated as required by individual applications. An additional advantage is the ability of well-crafted wire cloth filters to withstand extremely high differential pressures and temperatures.

For NASA, FCP developed a welded, wire cloth filter used in critical ground support equipment which filters liquid nitrogen prior to it being introduced to the space shuttle. The filter element is of welded construction to prevent the risk of failure due to the extremely cold temperature of liquid nitrogen.

For this application as with others, we use our years of experience to select the right type of weave, wire diameter and material to meet your most stringent demands.